Crème de marrons blondies

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"These images are memories of long-forgotten dreams. Are these their heartbeats, or ours? Will we ever be able to understand the vision of the artists across such an abyss of time?"
                                                                                      Werner Herzog, The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I've been meaning to write this post for more than a week now. I've got a lot of things on my mind (80% of which are archaeological bits and pieces). I am weary and confused so I thought I'd make a list of what is on my mind right now. As lists seem to work when your brain doesn't.

- a film : The Cave of Forgotten Dreams. If you're into cave painting, watch it! My introductory quote comes from this film.

- something with stripes (always something with stripes, always) :  this stripe blouse.

- the Jātakas and their matching iconography in Indian art: Jātakas are stories/fables which tell former lives of the Buddha. The story of the Great Ape about the importance of sacrifice (and donation) called Mahakapi Jātaka. The Turtle who Couldn't stop Talking. The Cock and the Cat (you can read the Kukkuta Jātaka here). The Sound the Hare Heard (here) about the dangers of hasty induction. 

- acupuncture needles and the book The Web That Has No Weaver by Ted Kaptchuk: the best popularised introduction to Chinese medecine (enlightenment!). I've just started acupuncture and I am, so far, convinced, and fascinated. 

- Cocteau (he lives in my mind) and the 5Oth anniversary of his death, which means new books, films, exhibitions, conferences... Whirligig of Cocteau-esque things. I'm dizzy.

- and a first autumn recipe! (Crème de marron is made from chestnuts and sugar so you may not need to add sugar depending on your liking, that's why it's optional)

Crème de marrons blondies
(vegan, gluten-free)

120 g sweet rice flour
30 g chestnut flour
pinch of salt
11 g baking powder
25 g sugar (optional)
24 g flaxseed meal + 130 g water
55 g coconut oil (liquid)
60 g non-dairy milk

250 g crème de marrons

Preheat oven to 200°C.
In a bowl, sift the sweet rice flour and the chestnut flour. Stir in the coconut oil, the flax egg, sugar if you want to, baking powder and milk. Mix well. Pour half of the batter in a pan and spread crème de marrons (this is a bit tricky) on top. Cover with the rest of the batter. Bake for 15 minutes. 

" Ces images sont la mémoire des rêves de nos ancêtres restés dans l'oubli. S'agit-il du battement de leur cœur ou du nôtre ? Pouvons-nous même comprendre la vision de ces artistes par delà le temps abyssal qui nous sépare?"
                                                                                       Werner Herzog, La Grotte des Rêves Perdus

Blondie au coeur fondant à la crème de marrons
(végétalien, sans gluten)

120 g farine de riz
30 g farine de châtaigne
pincée de sel
11 g levure chimique (1 paquet)
25 g sucre (facultatif)
24 g graines de lin moulues + 130 g eau
55 g huile de coco (liquide)
60 g lait végétal

250 g crème de marrons

Préchauffer le four à 200°C.
Dans un bol, tamiser la farine de riz et la farine de châtaigne pour les aérer. Incorporer le flax egg, l'huile de coco, le sucre si vous voulez en rajouter, la levure, le sel et le lait. Bien mélanger. Verser la moitié de la pâte dans un moule puis étaler la crème de marrons dessus. Verser l'autre moitié de pâte dessus et cuire 15 minutes au four.

6 commentaires:

  1. these look delicious. i haven't eaten or even see gf vegan blondies in a long time, if ever. crème de marron sounds so autumnal and comforting.

    i love lists, too. whenever my brain is in a fog, i write a list.

    1. thanks Caitlin! Crème de marrons is a bit too much on its own (most of the brands are way too sweet) but it's perfect here!
      I would probably need to make a list for every minute of my lfie at the moment ha ha

  2. Hum... Elle me plait beaucoup ta recette Aurélie!

    1. Merci beaucoup! Elle arrive à point pour le début de l'automne!

    2. oui, et elle va encore me permettre d'utiliser ma farine de chataigne^^tu es une bonne source d'inspiration en la matière!!

  3. Wow! These looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now I have another amazing blog to follow! :)


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